Headquartered in Jersey with history of more than 60 years, Strajestic International Holdings, is set with a clear vision of long-term business continuity and growth.

The group had built a diverse portfolio through long term investments and engagements, leading to having business units across multi-industry sectors such as vehicles, heavy machinery, technology and commodities.

At Strajestic we uphold our core values to the highest level. Our values guide our actions and govern our decision-making, business investments and corporate policies. By adopting a culture of integrity, innovation and collaboration across the group, we ensure that our business strategies are sustainable, evolving and aligned with global trends.


At the core of Strajestic group, is its indisputable commitment to sustainability. In accord with that, we only partner with suppliers who engage in sustainable business practices.

We are committed to empowering our employees to be leaders as well as providing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, dedicated not only to customer satisfaction, but to each other.
In the framework of social responsibility, we support our communities through funding and investing in entrepreneurship projects.